Ultra sweat sleeves vest -

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The High Performance Thermal Vest is an athlete focused fat-melting garment from our Ultra Sweat Sports collection!

●  Apart from the perspiration stimulating effects of all our Ultra Sweat products, this thermal vest incorporates ultra compressive features and a sauna-like thermal active layer.

● The wide shoulder straps, supported open bust design, full back coverage and secure 3 - straps front closure are just some of the injury-preventing elements that this foxy gym-ready vest has to offer!

● Ultra-compression is applied by the vest in key areas, such as the abdomen, waist, under-bust, back, shoulders and lateral muscles.

● The ultra-high control that the vest offers warms up the muscles 3 times faster than any thermal garment, preventing injuries and putting your fat loss on high intensity!

● The thermal layer also helps regulate your blood flow, so you’ll be discomfort-free while sweating and melting off inches off of all the common problem areas!

Material  Compression 
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