Push up fashion legging

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Wondering how you can pull off a sexy butt-focused outfit without doing squats every single waking hour? The 937 Fashion Leggings are the butt-defining miracle workers that can make it happen instantly and effortlessly.

●The jeans use only your natural curves to create a fuller and rounder butt, with zero discrimination towards those that lack volume in the booty department.

●The strategic seams and bidirectional stretch fabric have an extremely noticeable butt push-up effect!

●And to highlight your best asset even more, the jeans flatten your abdomen, and tuck in any extra inches around your waist, hips and thighs, leaving you with a smooth and sleek silhouette that’s destined to appear flawless regardless of the final look of the outfit.

●Pair them with a glam top, or let them be the centerpiece of your look. Compliments guaranteed either way!