Post surgery compression face wrap

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  • Benefits
  • Features
  • Materials 
  • Best Uses
  • • Adjustable support
    • P ost operator girdle
    • Get a faster recovery
    • High support
    • Comfortable 

  •  P remium material 
    • S ilky inner-lining
     A ntibacterial
    • F irm compression
    • Adjustable compression

  • • PREMIUM - Achieve a contoured figure of any body type without being uncomfortable. Try on this collection with premium material to feel a bigger compression than any shaper and, get the best Colombian body shaper before and after body contouring results without sacrificing your health or your comfort.

     BIO - Crossing the line between fashion and health care. body shapers with biotherapy work via a coating of active ingredient-filled microcapsules of skin-nourishing seaweed to give you amazing body care features like cooling effect and antibacterial benefits.

  • • Medical - Is shapewear good for your health?‍ Our main goal is to take care of the health, safety, and satisfaction of our community. That’s the purpose of the cysm medical body shapers, approved and recognized by top surgeons to help your recovery process. This post-operatory shapewear provides an antibacterial coating. improves circulation, muscle & tissue support focused on improving your body’s health

    • Uso Diario - Even though the posture correction firm compression bodysuit is designed to apply a high amount of compression to your body it is designed with premium quality fabric that will keep you fresh and comfortable when wearing your cysm shaper for long hours.

Why you will  it

Having cosmetic surgery done, or any type of medical intervention that involves the delicate skin on your face or neck puts your skin and muscles under a lot of stress and discomfort.